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Shaibi Lab

Gabriel Q. Shaibi, PhD
Associate Professor and Southwest Borderland Scholar, College of Nursing and Health Innovation
Associate Professor, School of Nutrition and Health Promotion
Arizona State University
Research Director, Division of Endocrinology and Diabetes
Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Dr. Shaibi's research lab examines the biological and cultural mechanisms that contribute to obesity-related health disparities in youth. A major emphasis of this work is to identity early markers and phenotypes for premature cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes with the goal of translating this information into biologically meaningful interventions that improve the health of high-risk and vulnerable youth. Dr. Shaibi collaborates closely with community partners and clinicians to close the translational gap between research and practice. Current studies in his lab include a community-based diabetes prevention program for obese Latino youth (Partners: St. Vincent de Paul Medical and Dental Clinical, the Lincoln Family YMCA, and Phoenix Children's Hospital. Funded by the NIH-NIMHD,), a community-based research registry and biobank (Partners: Mt. Park Health Center and the Mayo Clinic. Funded by the Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine), and an exercise study to examine the effects of a single high-intensity interval exercise bout on post-prandial endothelial function in obese youth (Funded by the American College of Sports Medicine).

Laboratory Members

PhD Students
Justin Ryder, MS (Physical Activity Nutrition and Wellness)
Joon Young Kim (Kinesiology)

Research Staff
Estela Barraza, BS
Elvia Madrid, BA
Allison Nagle-Williams, MSW

Physician Collaborators
C. Stephen Djedjos, MD (PCH)
Don McClellan, MD (PCH)
Micah Olson, MD (PCH)
Galit Rosen, MD (PCH)

Community Collaborators
Valentina Hernandez, RD (MPHC)
Yolanda Konopken, MS, RD (St. Vincent de Paul)
Laura Taylor (YMCA)