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The translational genetics of communication abilities concentration will provide speech and hearing science doctoral students with training in an innovative approach to the clinical sciences, pioneered here at ASU, where the concepts of precision medicine are applied to all disciplines within communication disorders. Training in molecular genetics and bioinformatics will equip students to investigate the interactions of genetic, brain-based and behavioral traits.

Knowledge of genotype-phenotype associations provides the foundation for the translational components of this program: early identification and intervention, individualized management, and interprofessional approaches. This program leverages not only strong research and clinical expertise across clinical linguistics in the department, but also expertise in the biosciences and translational clinical sciences. Upon completion of this doctoral concentration, graduates will have the skills to understand and continue building a network of genotype-phenotype associations, and contribute to more effective clinical management of communication disorders using preventative, targeted and interprofessional methods.

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Speech & Hearing Science (Translational Genetics of Communication Abilities), PhD
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