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Questions for your Doctor: Reframing Interprofessional Rounds

Research Domain: 
Systems Engineering
Community Partner: 
Honor Health
Student Researchers: 
Geoff Boyer and Alex Ashton
Faculty Mentor: 
Alison Essary

As the concept of value-based care becomes increasingly utilized in health care, strides continue to be made to increase the patient experience, and specifically how to involve patients in their own care through improved communication with their physicians and nurses. The Questions for your Doctor: Reframing Interprofessional Rounds pilot attempts to further this cause by establishing a best practice for nurses to collect patient’s main concerns regarding their hospital stay, and later accompanying physicians during their rounds in an effort to establish a patient-centered, team based care environment. Inserted into normal workflow was an opportunity for nurses to discuss with patients, and record on card, what their two main concerns or questions were. As physicians begin to round, they will alert the nurse assigned to that patient and round together, and at the beginning of the conversation with their patient the physician will address the questions listed on that card. Compliance with three measures will be kept daily; did the physician and nurse round together, were the patient questions addressed, and were the patient questions addressed first. Pre-intervention, several HCAHPS categories were also identified as both needing improvement and potential beneficiaries of the pilot. All five of those scores increased over the course of implementation. A comparison was also made between the compliance percentages of the three measurements and those HCAHPS results and a positive correlation was identified.