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Department of Medicine Membership Model in Primary Care

Research Domain: 
Health Care Management
Systems Engineering
Community Partner: 
Mayo Clinic
Student Researchers: 
Anna Simperova, Tiffany Ziegler, and Laila Syed
Faculty Mentor: 
Brad Doebbeling

The current state of the health care system, specifically primary care, is rapidly changing. Health care reform and the implications of the Affordable Care Act, as well as a push for higher quality care, have led to the development of new trends and alternative primary care models and practices. Mayo Clinic Hospital, AZ is poised to improve patient care while increasing revenue and market share by implementing a subscription-based primary care model. In this model, patients pay a fee in order to receive special services such as same day scheduling and fitness classes in addition to regular primary care.

Consumer demand for alternative care models was gauged by conducting interviews with Mayo Clinic staff; analyzing patient satisfaction, internal, and external market research; and facilitating focus group sessions. The aim was to assess patient preferences in service offerings, willingness to pay, consumer characteristics, staffing, panel size, pricing, membership service offerings, and accessibility.

The data indicated a consumer demand for common components of alternative primary care models, including increased access, same- or next-day appointments, comprehensive physicals, online scheduling and access to personal health records, e-prescribing, and discounted or expedited labs and imaging. Although research indicated a consumer demand for certain services, reactions to subscription-based medicine were inconsistent.

It is recommended that Mayo Clinic pursue either an employer subsidized subscription-based model pilot or implement an administrative fee while enhancing the current primary care model with a la carte services.