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A Hospitalist Training Program for Physician Assistants

Research Topic: 
Will, Kristen
Will KK et al. A Hospitalist Training Program for Physician Assistants. Journal of Hospital Medicine. 2010;5:94-98.

A recent Society of Hospital Medicine survey found that approximately 15% of hospitalist groups utilized physician assistants (PA's)1. Many hospitalist groups are looking to hire PA's to augment their physician services. Finding physician assistants with hospitalist experience is difficult and often employers have to recruit PA's from other specialties or hire new graduates. Often these providers have limited hospital experience and can take up to 6-12 months to train2. A recent review of PA education found that PA students enter entry-level PA programs younger in age with less previous clinical experience3. Furthermore, entry-level PA training focuses on primary care, with more clinical rotations centered in the outpatient setting4. In light of these challenges, our institution created a post graduate training program for physician assistants in hospital medicine.


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