School of Nutrition and Health Promotion

Faculty Research Videos

Faculty in the School of Nutrition and Health Promotion pursue a diverse range of interdisciplinary and innovative health research. This is a small sampling of the research currently underway.

Physical Activity Assessment
Barbara Ainsworth

Research on the validity and reliability of physical activity assessment in public health.

Validation Of An Integrated Heart Rate/Physical Activity Monitor
Glenn Gaesser

One recent award from NIH is a collaborative effort between Exercise and Wellness Professor Glenn Gaesser and a biomedical engineering business to develop an artificial neural network-based integrated heart rate and physical activity monitor.

Vinegar ingestion moderates the blood sugar surge following a meal
Carol Johnston

Postprandial surges in blood glucose have been linked with cardiovascular disease risk in healthy populations and with progressive tissue complications in type 2 diabetes. Small amounts of vinegar ingested at mealtime reduce these surges in blood glucose.

Community Supported CSA's
Chris Wharton

Dr. Chris Wharton studies the reasons and extent to which consumers engage in local foods programs such as farmers’ markets and community supported agriculture programs (CSAs).

Motivational Interviewing
Jack Chisum

Using a combination of facial recognition and layered voice analysis software, Dr. Jack Chisum and tech support analyst Glenn Brown have been able to analyze an individual’s emotional responses during conversation with remarkable accuracy.