Doctor of Behavioral Health Program
  • ASU Doctor of Behavioral Health

    Multidisciplinary Care

    The DBH and MIHC programs embrace team-based collaborative care delivery.

  • ASU Doctor of Behavioral Health

    An Evolving Landscape

    The DBH and MIHC programs address changes in an evolving health care marketplace through new integrated care models.

  • ASU Doctor of Behavioral Health

    Internship Experience

    DBH students complete their internship in a primary care clinic.

  • Integrated Health Care

    Designed to achieve the “Triple Aim” of improved patient experience of care, population health, and reduced cost of care.

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Degree Programs

Doctor of Behavioral Health (DBH)

The Doctor of Behavioral Health (DBH) program prepares graduates to deliver integrated behavioral care treatment programs in primary care and other medical settings. Students can choose one of two concentrations:

  • The DBH Clinical Concentration prepares licensed master’s level clinicians such as social workers, counselors, nurses and physician assistants to both provide integrated behavioral health care and design and manage programs.
  • The DBH Management Concentration prepares master’s degree professionals to design, deliver and evaluate integrated behavioral health programs.

Master of Integrated Health Care (MIHC)

The Master of Integrated Health Care (MIHC) is designed to meet the growing market demand for professionals with the ability to manage integrated health care programs. Integrated health care programs have emerged as a key component of the Patient-Centered Primary Care Medical Home (PCPCMH) and Accountable Care Organization (ACO) models of primary care. The MIHC curriculum prepares the graduate to design, implement, and evaluate integrated health programs. The curriculum includes the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School online courses allowing students to earn their Basic Certificate in Quality and Safety and incorporates learning in the Triple Aim for populations, quality cost and value, leadership, and improvement capability as part of the MIHC degree.

Executive Education

Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care: A “How To” Guide for Physicians, Allied and Behavioral Health Leaders

The “Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care: A “How To” Guide for Physicians, Allied and Behavioral Health Leaders” is an educational series composed of online, self-paced learning courses focusing on specific strategies and techniques for developing an integrated behavioral health practice in primary care. The overall purpose of the series is to increase the knowledge and skills of physician, nursing, allied health, behavioral health and other healthcare professionals to enable them to manage sustainable integrated behavioral health programs. Courses include voice-enhanced PowerPoint presentations, videos, interactive learning activities, readings, and calls to action. All courses include practical tools and online resources to facilitate integrated behavioral health practice.

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