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Student Resources for Travel, Keys, and Poster Printing


Students may apply for department funding for trips with purposes benefiting the Department and the University. 


  • GPSA Funding: Visit the GPSA website for deadlines and details on applying for up to $950 assistance per academic year. 
  • Other Sources: Check with affiliated academic units for funding applications. Check with your faculty advisor to see if funds are available for you to travel on. Check with the conference for Travel grants and awards. At many conferences, registration cost is waived if you agree to work a portion of the day at the conference.
  • Department of Speech and Hearing Science: Request department funds by filling out the Student Travel Support Form and emailing completed form to The request goes to the department chair to approve. Priority funding goes to graduate students who are presenting, first author, or receiving an award. Priority funding also goes to those that have received other funding. 

Department Funding Request Deadlines

Fall: October 1st
Spring: March 1st

Travel Request

After you have secured funding, you may now put in your travel request. Visit to begin this process. There are training videos, instructions, a quick reference guide, and travel support contact information available on this site. Click on the image to launch the travel system "Concur". If you are unable to access this site you will need to complete the My ASU TRIP profile request form. Complete the form and send to so she can fill out the mail code, department code, and travel account. She will get appropriate signatures and return the form on your behalf. You will be notified by email once your profile is created. 

If this is your first time using this system you will need to update your profile

Follow the instructions to create a trip request. Please note the following:
Unless funded by GPSA, type PR51001 under account and select it from the populated drop down. 

Under the "Approval Flow" tab, type an asterisk(*) to create a drop down of choices. These choices are linked to the account number. Select Contreras as the account signer.

Please note: please claim only what you have been awarded. For example, if you were awarded $250 but you estimate $300 in the trip request, only claim $250. 

The Concur travel system allows you to book travel, however, it is also acceptable to book travel through an outside system, such as Orbitz, or directly through the airline or hotel. In this part of the process, you are estimating expenses, but it's a good idea to search the costs so that your requested estimate is as close as possible to the actual expense. 

Once you hit submit it goes through an approval process. If we already have your information this should go smoothly. If we don't please email Cecilia any award letter/email, or information so that when we see your request we won't reject it. If we have any changes we will send it back to you to make changes and resubmit. Once your request is approved you will be notified with an automated email, and you are okay to travel and focus on your objective. 

Before you travel you should review the FIN 501: ASU Travel Policy

Travel Status

While you are in travel status please retain all receipts for ground transportation, hotel, flight, registration, and other expenses. An itemized hotel receipt is required. The exception is that meal receipts are NOT required because a flat per diem rate is used to reimburse meals. 

Expense Report

Now that your trip is done you must complete the expense report in order to get reimbursed. The best practice is to do this right away, with a maximum allowable time frame of 30 days. This is the part of the process where you will submit receipts.

Follow the instructions to complete an expense report.

Poster Printing

A few occasions during the year involve printing posters. Examples of these are presenting at a conference, or the Spring Research Day Poster Symposium. For these specific purposes, the department usually pays for the poster printing. These are the paperless instructions:

  1. Fill out this electronic form: and email to Cecilia Contreras ( She will fill out the Account number, sign as the Authorized account signer, and email the form back to you.
  2. Submit the completed form and a .pdf file of your poster to the SOLS Visualization Lab ( Your choices are to email posters under 5MB to, OR submit a dropbox link with your online work order, OR bring the poster file on a memory stick to the SOLS Vislab, LSE B61.
  3. In 1-2 days, the lab will have a test print ready for you. Please check it CAREFULLY to make sure it looks o.k.  If everything looks fine, sign up on it and the poster will be printed in the next couple of days. 
  4. You will receive a call or email when the poster is ready for you to pick up.  Receipts will be sent to Cecilia Contreras at


If you have a space assignment that is behind a locked door you may request keys. If you are working with a faculty researcher and have their permission you may request keys. Send your key request by email and include the following:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your ASURITE ID number
  • The room number(s) you require access to
  • Your faculty supervisors name