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Diagnostic Services
Neurogenic Language Assessment
Adult Speech Assessment
Stuttering Assessment 
Childhood Speech and Language Assessment
Voice Assessment
Alternative and Augmentative Communication
     Evaluation and Device Training
Rehabilitation Services
Fall and Spring
Aphasia Therapy
Stuttering Management
Voice Therapy
Articulation Therapy
Child Language Therapy

Summer Therapy Services
Summer Program for Elementary Language and Literacy - 2nd Grade (SPELL-2)
Aphasia Comunication Effectiveness (ACE): Group communication program
Individual Speech and Language therapy
ASU Peer Program for Socialization

Community Outreach Programs
Pediatric Communication Clinics@ASU
ASU/National Stuttering Association Fluency Group
After School Articulation & Phonology

Speech-language pathologists have expertise in:

  • Communication development
  • Language-based learning disabilities
  • Communication deficits associated with syndromes
  • Developmental and acquired neurological disorders
  • Bilingual communication
  • Augmentative and alternative communication
  • Fluency disorders
  • Speech-sound disorders, such as articulation disorders

Our clinic serves adults, adolescents, and children with a variety of cognitive or communication needs. 

ASU Student Services

We provide a variety of low-cost therapy services for ASU students, including therapy for:

  • Fluency disorders (e.g. stuttering)
  • Articulation
  • Cognitive-communication difficulties
  • Language-based learning difficulties

We also offer specialized services targeting listening and speaking skills in people with hearing impairment.

Individual Therapy

The Speech and Language Clinic at Arizona State University offers some individual therapy session during the summer.  We have openings for individuals who are seeking services for voice, articulation and language based difficulties.  Most sessions will be in the afternoon between 1:00-4:00 to accommodate the large number of groups we have scheduled for the morning.

For scheduling information and case history forms please call the Department of Speech and Hearing Science clinic at (480) 965-2373 or email us at

Children's Services

In addition to our adult and student-based services, we provide individual and small group therapy sessions for children at both the Tempe campus clinic and as part of our Pediatric Communication Clinic@ASU which is housed off-campus in the nearby Community Services Building (CSB). In addition to individual pediatric therapy session, the PCC@ASU provides services to children in Toddler Play group, preschool aged children language, pre-literacy, and social groups, and to eligible children who are enrolled in the Mary Lou Fulton Teacher's College Preschool. 

Adult Services

Individual and group adult neurogenic sessions are available for people who have survived stroke, traumatic brain injury, or are living with other acquired neurogenic-based communication deficits. Sessions for this population are determined by time of onset, amount of previous therapy and insurance benefits. In addition, we offer specialized Book Club, Social Language, and other Life Participation groups that are designed to enhance communication opportunities but are not billable as a therapy service.

Structure of Session and Cost Information

The Speech and Language clinic is a fee for service clinic. Services are provided by graduate student clinicians enrolled in clinical practicum and sessions are planned and conducted under the supervision of a licensed and certified Speech-Language Pathologist. A cash discount is available upon request. We are unable to accept clients who are Medicare Beneficiaries due to our inability to meet Medicare's reimbursement requirements. Our clinical staff will work with you prior to your appointment to see if you have insurance benefits that we accept and that will cover your services.

For information regarding the costs of services, please call the clinic at 480 965-2373.