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Signal Analysis, Representation, and Perception (SARP) Laboratory

Research Topic: 
Human Cognition
Visar Berisha

The overarching goal of our research is to develop and apply new machine learning and statistical signal processing tools to better understand and model signal perception. With a focus on speech, the goal is to develop reliable, data-driven models that can mimic aspects of human cognition. Some recent projects include developing models of pathological speech perception, developing auditory perception models based on psychoacoustics, and developing new machine learning tools for use with behavioral experiments.

Making progress against these goals requires an interdisciplinary approach that spans multiple fields. Our contributions to this effort are centered on developing computational models guided by collected behavioral data. If you have any interest in these topics, please contact the lab director, Dr. Visar Berisha.

Location: COOR 3247

Phone Number: 480-727-6455