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Communication Neuroimaging & Neuroscience Laboratory

Research Topic: 
Human Cognition
Imaging Informatics
Neuroscience in Speech
Corianne Rogalsky

The Communication Neuroimaging and Neuroscience (CoNi) Laboratory investigates the neural computations involved in speech and music perception, and how these processes interact with memory, control, and motor systems. We use functional MRI, high-resolution structural MRI, diffusion tensor imaging, and neuropsychological methods to study speech perception and recovery in a variety of populations, including patients with stroke, aphasia, and/or epilepsy. Our work has widespread clinical implications regarding treatment and diagnosis of speech disorders, as well as functional neuroimaging-guided rehabilitation methods.

Location: COOR 3399

Phone Number: 480-965-0576

Visit Website: http://neuroimaging.lab.asu.edu/for-participants