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Cochlear Implant Laboratory

Research Topic: 
Hearing Disorders
Michael Dorman

Our laboratory investigates many aspects of speech, voice and music perception by patients fit with cochlear implants and by normal-hearing subjects listening to simulations of cochlear implants. One line of research focuses on neural plasticity in children. In this work, we use cortical auditory-evoked potentials to assess the development, deterioration and plasticity of central auditory pathways in normal-hearing children, children with hearing-impairments and profoundly deaf children fit with cochlear implants. Our second line of research, which has been ongoing for 13 years, involves the perception of speech when speech is transmitted by only a few channels of stimulation -- the case in patients with cochlear implants. We are also currently trying to make music sound better for implant patients. Additionally, we are moving to a series of studies with the newest type of implant patient -- those with residual low-frequency acoustic hearing.

Additional information for honors students:

We are looking for smart, motivated and curious undergraduate research assistants to assist us in testing research subjects. Research Assistants will work with members of our research group and will gain hands-on experience in collecting data, examining the research literature and participating in laboratory group discussions. Possible projects for honors students include: (i) working with patients fit with implanted neural prostheses, i.e., cochlear implants - devices which provide direct electrical stimulation to the auditory system and (ii) working on projects in which the effects of direct neural stimulation are simulated for normal hearing listeners.

Location: COOR 3446

Phone Number: 480-965-8167