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Attention, Memory and Language Laboratory

Research Topic: 
Traumatic Brain Injury
Tamiko Azuma

In the Attention, Memory, and Language lab, we are conducting several lines of research focused on attention, working memory, episodic memory, and language processing. Our current projects involve the study of healthy young adults, older adults, bilingual speakers, military veterans, and adults with attention/memory impairments arising from mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBI). We are particularly interested in how bilingualism, attention deficits, and mTBI affect specific cognitive processes.  Current research opportunities for students include projects on: 1) Cognition in healthy bilinguals and in bilingual adults with history of mTBI or concussion, and 2) Cognition in military veterans with and without service-related conditions, including mTBI and Post-traumatic stress disorders. Please visit the lab website to learn more about the different research projects.

Additional information for honors students: 
Honors students can pursue a range of experiments looking at working memory and related processes. Possible projects include: 1) the study of memory errors (such as repetitions, source memory errors, and blend errors), 2) the effect of individual working memory span on language and memory tasks, and 3) the effect of dual-tasks (divided attention) on language and memory tasks.

Location: COOR 3475