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Standardization Initiatives : HeD (HL7), RuleML, API4KB (OMG)

Research Topic: 
Clinical Informatics
Davide Sottara
Robert Greenes

In order to facilitate a uniform adoption of (Clinical) Decision Support, the "knowledge" content has to be understandable from the largest audience and readily accessible. To achieve these goals, standards have to be designed, proposed and ultimately adopted.

Project contains several activities including:

  • HeD is a recent attempt at standardizing the interchange format for clinical artifacts, namely clinical "Rules", clinical Order Sets and clinical Documentation Templates.
  • RuleML is a consortium sponsoring a standard markup language for the exchange of declarative and operational knowledge, encoded as rules, with a particular focus on the Semantic Web.
  • API4KB is aimed at standardizing the APIs for accessing, querying, modifying and processing ("reasoning") the content of a generic knowledge base.