Department of Biomedical Informatics

Mentorship Program

Faculty Program Advisor

Prior to admission to our program, students are assigned a faculty program advisor who will oversee their academic progress until graduation and ensure that they receive a broad education covering all areas within biomedical informatics. It is mandatory for students to meet with their faculty program advisor at least two times per year to receive advising.

Students are expected to prepare information by using the student advising forms prior to attending the advising session. During the session, the student and the faculty program advisor will review the forms together and sign them. Once all required signatures are obtained, the student will submit the original forms to the BMI Advising Office.

Faculty Research Advisor

Students at BMI enjoy a small student to faculty ratio which allows for frequent one-on-one meetings and personalized oversight of research by a dedicated faculty mentor. Upon entrance to the program, students are assigned a faculty research advisor based on their stated areas of interest for research. Students may choose to keep the assigned research advisor or select one of their choice once in the program.

Students consult with the research advisor to form a supervisory committee. It if the responsibility of each student to contact potential members of the faculty and obtain their agreement to serve as a member of the supervisory committee. The agreement of each member should be sent to the chair of the supervisory committee. The supervisory committee must have a minimum of three members from BMI core faculty. The research advisor will act as chair of the student’s supervisory committee.