Department of Biomedical Informatics

Biweekly Seminar Series

Time and Location

2:45 pm. to 4:00 p.m.
Samuel C. Johnson Research Building
, Room Sj 1-149

Date Topic and Speaker
Sept. 1 Intelligent Workflows in Healthcare
Areti Manatak, Senior Researcher
School of Informatics, The University of Edinburgh
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Sept. 15 Personal Data Management Systems and P4 pilots in GDPR era
Harri Honko, M.Sc., Project Manager, Personal Health Informatics Group
BioMediTech Institute, Tampere University of Technology
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Oct. 20 Identifying the genetic toolkit for regeneration in vertebrates: Insights from comparative genomic analysis
Kenro Kusumi, Ph.D., Professor
ASU School of Life Sciences
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Date Topic and Speaker
Jan. 13Cancer Genomics
Carlo Maley, Biodesign Institute, Arizona State University
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Jan. 20Molecular Evolution & Genetics
Reed Cartright, Biodesign Institute, Arizona State University
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Jan. 27Population dynamics & host-vector ecologies of tropical vectorborne infectious diseases: addressing challenges using mathematical models
Anuj Mubayi, School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Arizona State University
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Feb. 3Analytics in Action
Timothy Miksch, IT Section Head, Mayo Clinic, Rochester
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Feb. 10Geometric methods in modeling dynamical phenomenon: Applications to video and movement analysis
Pavan Turaga, PhD, Assistant Professor, Schools of Arts, Media, Engineering & Electrical, Computer, Energy Engineering, Arizona State University
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Feb. 17Reviewing Scientific Papers in Biomedical Informatics
Edward H. Shortliffe, MD, PhD, Professor, Department of Biomedical Informations, Arizona State University
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Feb. 24Detecting paralinguistic information from speech and language for clinical applications: Algorithms and information limits
Visar Berisha, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Speech and Hearing Science, Arizona State University
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Mar. 3Hypothesis Testing for Mediation Effects in the Context of Epigenomic Studies
Jincheng Shen, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Biostatistics, Harvard University
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Mar. 17Commercial Analytics in Healthcare and Life Sciences: AxtriaPerspective
Patrick Brundage, Senior Principal, Axtria, Inc.
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Mar. 24Geographic Information Systems in Public Health
Wesley Kortuem, Senior GIS Analyst, Arizona Department of Health Services
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Mar. 31Homework - Discuss Critiques
Ted Shortliffe, ASU/BMI
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Apr. 7Informatics in the SafetyNet: Careers in 340B Analytics
Kimberly Davis, 340B Consultant and Senior Analyst, Ponaman Healthcare Consulting
Danielle Mathers, Vice President of Communications, Ponaman Healthcare Consulting
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Apr. 14From Linkage Disequilibrium Mapping to NGS of ComplexTraits: Modeling, Solution and Examples
Jiangtao Luo, Assistant Professor, Department of Biostatistics, University of Nebraska Medical Center
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Apr. 21BMI Networking Event
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Apr. 28Bayesian Structural Equations Modeling
Hamy Tekmit, Biostatistician, Mayo Clinic - Arizona
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