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Arizona Alzheimer's Disease Core Center

Research Topic: 
Graciela Gonzalez
Eric Reiman (Banner Health/Sun Health Research Institute)
Leslie Baxter (Barrow Neurological Institute)
Richard Caselli (Mayo Clinic)
Matthew Huentelman (Translational Genomics Research Institute)

Dr. Gonzalez has been appointed as ASU’s Lead Investigator to direct the ASU subcontracted aspects of this project. In this capacity, she serves as the data management and statistics core (DMSC) director for the Arizona Alzheimer's Core Center. She is responsible for designing a data model that enables online-based analytical processing (OLAP) and decision support capacities according to the needs of the researchers affiliated to the AADC, balancing maximum functionality, proven effectiveness and ease of use. She will also develop an OLAP Decision Support System that can be easily deployed to Alzheimer's Centers across the nation.

The aims of the Data Management and Statistics Core (DMSC) are: 1) To provide and facilitate the use of a complete and standardized central database to characterize the clinical, demographic, genetic, neuropsychological, and neuropathological features of subjects enrolled and followed in the individual sites that are part of the Arizona ADC, 2) To provide statistical analysis and experimental design support, as well as shared image analysis algorithms for the study of AD and aging for center investigators, and 3) To actively participate and initiate external and internal research collaborations in line with the center’s objectives.