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Degree Programs in the Science of Health Care Delivery

The complexity of our health care system drove the creation of the first-of-its-kind science of health care delivery program at ASU’s College of Health Solutions. The science of health care delivery aims to optimize health care delivery and health for all. Our undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate options in the science of health care delivery, applied sciences, health care policy, international health management and medical studies develop skills that lead to fundamental changes throughout the health care system.

We have developed several strong collaborative relationships with various industry partners including a unique and groundbreaking partnership with Mayo Clinic. In 2015, the Mayo Medical School (ranked by U.S. News & World Report as a 2017 Best Graduate School for both research and primary care) integrated 18 credits from ASU's Science of Health Care Delivery graduate program into its curriculum. This training provides the foundational knowledge for future physicians to lead the systematic changes necessary to produce higher-value patient-centered health care.

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Undergraduate Programs

Science of Health Care Delivery, BS Degree Program
Bachelor of Science

Graduate Programs

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Master of International Health Management
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Graduate Certificate