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The program brings together coursework from the disciplines of exercise and wellness, nutrition, and health sciences in order to give students a strong background, perspective and real-life experience in behavioral change and coaching techniques and methods.

Students experience evidence-based behavior change methodologies and practice coaching communication skills and strategies to influence sustainable healthy lifestyles. They learn to guide groups and individuals through meaningful lifestyle changes by using concepts that emphasize evidence-based coaching and behavioral practices as well as motivational interviewing techniques. Students work with clients using learned health coaching techniques, and they develop the knowledge and skills to work with people who require lifestyle management strategies to improve well-being. Faculty consistently monitor and mentor coaching sessions to provide evaluation and feedback on how students may improve their coaching skills, and a final practical skills evaluation is completed to assess a student's coaching abilities. Coaching skills are addressed synchronously over telephone, in person, or via Skype or some other video platform.

Students who complete this certificate program will be eligible for the National Board Certification for Health and Wellness Coaches offered by International Consortium for Health & Wellness Coaches

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Health and Wellness Coach ( Certificate)
Health Solutions, College of

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