Floris Wardenaar

Assistant Professor, Nutrition
DTPHX Campus


Floris Wardenaar was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Despite the fact that there was no previous history of competitive sports within the family, all the brothers were competitive in different areas of sport. At the age of 14, he started cycling, both on the road and the track. From that moment on his interest in performance nutrition grew. During his second year as a junior cyclist he was selected for the newly formed National track cycling team. As part of his cycling career he collected over 30 stage places and victories.

Professor Wardenaar studied nutrition and dietetics at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA, Amsterdam Applied University) with specific interest in sports nutrition. During this bachelor program he followed an internship at NOC*NSF writing the brochure: What to know about nutrition and Sydney in preparation for the Olympic Games at Sydney 2000. Together with his bachelor degree he received his post bachelor degree of sports dietetics which was granted by NOC*NSF.

Following this, Professor Wardenaar started a master's program at Wageningen University in human nutrition and physiology. During the second year at Wageningen, he founded his own consultancy firm in sports nutrition advice and during the third year he was full-time Vice-president of the Dutch Chamber of Student Associations (LKvV). Subsequently he followed an internship at the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Texas in Austin and wrote his master’s thesis on the interaction between alcohol consumption, exercise and blood glucose levels at SENECA, expert centre of HAN Sports and Exercise Studies at the HAN University of Applied Sciences at Nijmegen. He graduated in 2005 both in nutritional physiology and in nutrigenomics.

At the start of 2006 Professor Wardenaar took up the post of lecturer at the Institute of Paramedic Studies at the HAN. From that moment he was also asked to cover the sports nutrition position of the professional TVM speed skating team as part of an agreement between this team and HAN Sports and Exercise studies. In 2007 he was added to the nutrition team of the Dutch Olympic Committee (NOC*NSF) and from 2010 he became a member of the research group of the professorate (in Dutch: lectoraat) Sports, Nutrition and Health. At the beginning of 2011 he moved completely from paramedic studies to Sports and Exercise studies. 2012 saw him take on a team leader role as senior lecturer of the expert team Sports and Exercise Nutrition with responsibility for education, research and consultancy within the Institute of Sport and Exercise. During this period Professor Wardenaar was also president of the Dutch Association of Sports Dieticians.

In September 2012 he commenced his Ph.D. project in cooperation with Wageningen University, which was partly financed by a regional grant Eat2Move. At the beginning of 2013 he became program manager of work package 3 within Eat2Move and from 2014 - 2017 he was team leader of the Team Nutrition of the Dutch Olympic Committee.


  • Ph.D. Dutch Sports Nutrition and Supplement Study (DSSS), Wageningen University 2017
  • M.S. Nutritional Physiology, Wageningen University 2005
  • Internship, University of Texas at Austin, Department of Kinesiology, 2005
  • B. S. Nutrition and Dietetics, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool van Amsterdam: HvA) 2001


Research Interests

Since 8 September 2017 I joined the School of Nutrition and Health Promotion. I am also partly appointed at the Sun Devil Athletics as sports nutrition advisor. In the next years I want to set up a sports nutrition field lab that focus on the effects of nutrition and dietetic strategies on sports performance.


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Books and guidelines

Wardenaar FC, Van der Wilt H, Engelen C. Sportvoeding als teamperformance (book about interdisciplinary cooperation in performance nutrition, in Dutch). 2010 Uitgevers, Rotterdam. 2017.

Wardenaar FC. Evaluation of dietary intake and nutritional supplement use of elite and sub-elite Dutch athletes. Dutch Sport nutrition and Supplement Study. Wageningen: Department of Human Nutrition, Wageningen University, 2017; 190. http://edepot.wur.nl/399863

Wardenaar FC, Maas T, Danen S, Pannekoek S. Richtlijn wedstrijdsports (Sport nutrition guideline for (sport) dietitians and sport nutritionists, in Dutch). 2010 uitgevers, Rotterdam. 2nd edition. 2014.

Research Activity

Invited speaker at ESPEN about sports dietetics (2014) and EFSMA workshop session about practical sport nutrition solutions (2015). Oral presentations at ECSS (2013, 2014, 2017), Dutch Nutrition Science Days (2013/2014/2015/2016), Dutch Exercise Research Day (Dag van het Sport Onderzoek: DSO) (2014). Poster presentations at ECSS (2013, 2014, 2016) and ESPEN (2014).

Over 250 presentations for sports associations, teams and enterprises about sport and nutrition.


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NTR 100Introductory Nutrition
NTR 492Honors Directed Study
NTR 493Honors Thesis
NTR 494Special Topics
NTR 499Individualized Instruction
EXW 599Thesis
NTR 599Thesis
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EXW 799Dissertation
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EXW 799Dissertation
Fall 2017
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NTR 241Human Nutrition

Work History

Team lead team Nutrition, Dutch Olympic Committee (NOC*NSF) at Papendal, Arnhem
September 2014  September 2017

Team leader Sports and Exercise Nutrition, Institute for Sports and Exercise Studies, HAN University of Applied Sciences at Nijmegen
September 2012  September 2017

Embedded scientist InnoSportLab, Olympic Training Centre at Papendal, Arnhem 
September 2012  September 2014

Performance Dietitian Dutch Olympic Committee (NOC*NSF)
January 2007  September 2012
On the road to OS Peking 2008: Swimming, Rowing, Track-cycling;
On the road to OS Vancouver 2010: Short-track skating;
On the road to OS London 2012: Swimming.

Performance Dietitian TVM professional speed skating team
September 2006  July 2009

Lecturer in nutrition and dietetics Institute of Paramedic Studies, HAN University of Applied Sciences at Nijmegen
January 2006  Augustus 2011

Nutrition Consultant, Floris Wardenaar
January 2002  August 2017