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Late-acquired Speech Sounds Project

Research Topic: 
Juliet Weinhold

The Late-acquired Speech Sounds Project developed in response to decades of clinical observation regarding age based normative data and placement criteria for remediation of speech sound errors. Research focuses on studying the effectiveness of current placement standards by evaluating the incidence of speech sound disorders in late elementary students through the adult population, and by seeking to describe methods that will lead to earlier identification and intervention of children at risk for developmental speech sound disorders. Current projects underway include: a) development of a stimulation craft book for children at risk of speech disorders, b) developmental acoustic analysis of late-acquired speech sounds, c) a retrospective review of records to determine efficacy of current practices in /r/ remediation, and d) investigation into the co-incidence of /s/ and /z/ errors with orofacial myofunctional disorders such as tongue thrust, mouth breathing, and forward/interdental tongue rest posture.

Additional information for honors students:

Honors students are encouraged to pursue aspects of any of the above projects and are welcome to develop other projects which relate to late-acquired speech sounds in children.