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Child Language and Literacy Laboratory (CHILLL)

Research Topic: 
Shelley Gray

Research in the Child Language Lab focuses on early literacy development and assessment and treatment of language disorders in preschool and school age children. One line of research is investigating lexical acquisition deficits in preschoolers with specific language impairment (SLI). Our program of research is designed to develop methods for identifying the individual word-learning deficits of young children with SLI, to evaluate prescriptive treatments targeting those deficits, and to investigate the relationship between word learning and alphabet learning, a foundational early reading skill. A second line of research is investigating how best to improve reading success in elementary school by preparing young children to become readers. The first objective is to train preschool teachers and other early childhood professionals in effective literacy techniques. The second objective is to teach families how to support their children's early literacy growth.

Additional information for honors students:

Honors students can pursue topics in the area of early literacy, including investigations of methods for improving early literacy skills in preschool age children, assessments of early literacy, and improving classroom environments. Students can also pursue topics in lexical acquisition, including methods for teaching new words to young children. There are also opportunities to investigate research methods pertinent to these questions (e.g. memory and priming tasks).

Location: COOR 2375

Phone Number: 480-965-6796