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Bilingual Language and Literacy Laboratory

Research Topic: 
Behavior Intervention
Communication Disorders
Laida Restrepo

Research in the Bilingual Language and Literacy Laboratory is concerned with the development of best practices in assessment and intervention of children who speak Spanish as their native language or who are bilingual. We work towards improving the accuracy and efficiency of identification of Spanish-speaking children with language disorders. This research focuses on the use of language sampling, dynamic assessment, parent and teacher interviews, structured language tasks, and the characterization of specific language impairment in children, as well as scale development for screening and language proficiency assessment. In addition, we are investigating language how to differentiate them from those children who have typical language and have differences from monolingual development due to the bilingually context. In terms of intervention, we are investigating the impact of add on language interventions to prevent significant academic difficulties in preschool and early school age children with and without language difficulties. Furthermore, we are developing interventions to improve reading comprehension in at risk children in preschool through and in school-age children developing software using embodied cognition principles to improve reading comprehension. Lastly, we are starting to focus on developing parent training programs to improve home language use and literacy development in preschool Spanish-speaking children with typical language or with language impairments.

Additional information for honors students:

Possible honors projects may involve: a) measuring growth in Latino children's literacy, vocabulary, and oral language, b) comparing children attending English-only vs. bilingual programs, or c) studying the best ways to assess Spanish-speaking children so they are identified correctly, or d) doing single subject studies with language interventions in grammar, narratives, or vocabulary.

Location: COOR 3393

Phone Number: 480-727-8796