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Auditory Computation & Neurophysiology Laboratory

Research Topic: 
Neuroscience in Speech
Yi Zhou

Research in the Auditory Computation & Neurophysiology Lab investigates the functional organization of auditory cortex ranging from single-neuron computation to whole-system analysis. The goal of this research is to reveal the neural basis of perception based on the behaviors of neurons and the dynamic interactions among neurons. Current research addresses several fundamental issues in spatial hearing: (1) the relationship between spatial preferences of neurons in the auditory cortex and the perceived location of a target sound in the presence of distractors, (2) the influence of vision on auditory spatial processing, and (3) the influence of head movement on sound identification. Laboratories are equipped with high-precision sound sampling and delivery instrumentation, in vivoelectrophysiology, and motion capture systems to conduct various listening tasks in both humans and non-human primates. One application of this research is to improve coding strategies of auditory prostheses for effective communication and navigation in noisy environments.