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Community and Population Health Research

Faculty within the Healthy Lifestyle Research Center aim to develop, implement, evaluate and disseminate effective approaches to improve the health of individuals within their communities and reduce inequalities in health. We use a multidisciplinary approach blending the disciplines of public health, health promotion, nutrition, exercise science, bioinformatics and health care delivery to improve health behaviors and health outcomes. Faculty within the Healthy Lifestyle Research Center employ a socio-ecological approach to improve health with studies focused on individuals, social support and networks, institutions and communities, policies, the built and physical environment. A few examples of our work include:

  • An evaluation of how the placement of salad bars in school cafeterias impacts consumption of vegetables and food waste
  • An evaluation of the effects of sit-to-stand desks and behavioral approaches to reduce sedentary behavior on sitting time and cardiometabolic outcomes.
  • An evaluation of the effects of social networks on dietary and physical activity behaviors in college freshman
  • The development and evaluation of a gender-specific and culturally-tailored healthy lifestyle intervention for Mexican and Mexican American men
  • An evaluation of the effects of a diet and physical activity intervention for low-income, Mexican and Mexican American youth and their families
  • Examination of the strength and shape of relationships between environmental characteristics and physical activity, dietary patterns, and obesity

Current Studies

Study TitlePrincipal Investigator
Neighborhood Walkability and Moderation of Adaptive Walking InterventionsDr. Mark Adams
Stand and Move at Work: A Group-Randomized TrialDr. Matthew Buman
DevilwasteDr Corrie Whisner
Heal, Exercise & Recover (HER): Initial Pilot Study to Examine the Feasibility of a Novel Intervention for Women with Substance Use DisordersDr. Natassha Mendoza