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Highly Efficient Carotid Intima-Media Thickness Image Interpretation

Research Topic: 
Imaging Informatics
Jianming Liang
R. Todd Hurst, MD. (Assistant Professor - Mayo Clinic)
Chris Kendall, BSc, RDCS (Mayo Clinic)

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of mortality, but largely preventable, because effective interventions are available--the key is to identify "at risk" individuals before adverse events. For stratifying individual CVD risk, carotid intima-media thickness (CIMT), a noninvasive ultrasound method, has proven to be valuable. It quantifies subclinical atherosclerosis, adds predictive value to traditional risk factors (e.g., the Framingham risk score), and has several advantages over CT coronary artery calcium score: safer (no radiation exposure), more sensitive in a young population, and more accessible to the primary care setting. However, a clinical challenge is that interpreting CIMT images is tedious, laborious, and time consuming with current software. In response to this challenge, we are developing a user-friendly and highly efficient software system for interpreting CIMT images.