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Health Care Science and Delivery

The paradox of the American health care system is that we have the best trained professionals who are highly committed, and spend more than any other nation on health care. Yet the health outcomes are near the bottom ranking of developed nations. The College of Health Solutions is a becoming a national leader in research focused on: improving the quality and experience of care, reducing costs to make health care more affordable, and expanding access to health care services. 

The College of Health Solutions’ research is based on a number of related disciplines which apply evidence based approaches to individualized health care for improving the health of populations. The primary disciplines include process engineering, statistical process control, population health, health care finance, social determinants of health, leadership, and econometrics. Our expertise in health care science and health care delivery research supports our three research priorities: to reduce costs, improve health outcomes, and improve access.

Our faculty have expertise in a broad range of areas, including:

  • Health informatics, clinical decision support, clinical work and information flow
  • Behavioral, health and experimental economics
  • Public health finance, payment reform, and public health policy
  • Behavioral health, integrated primary care, and implementation science
  • Quality improvement and patient safety
  • Applying patient-centeredand systems engineeringapproaches to improve access to care for those in greatest need (poor, uninsured or underinsured)
  • Large database analysis to provide optimal prevention strategies and improve clinical care
  • Fall prevention in older adults


Brad Doebbeling
Bradley Doebbeling
Professor, Science of Health Care Delivery

Ellen Green
Ellen Green
Assistant Professor, Science of Health Care Delivery

Jennifer Huberty
Jennifer Huberty
Associate Professor, Nutrition and Health Promotion

Rodger Kessler
Rodger Kessler
Research Professor, Integrated Behavioral Health

Mac McCullough
Mac McCullough
Assistant Professor, Science of Health Care Delivery

Katie Pine
Katie Pine
Assistant Professor, Science of Health Care Delivery

William Riley
William Riley
Professor, Science of Health Care Delivery