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Behavioral Health

The College of Health Solutions’ health behavior and behavioral health research is focused on the role and effectiveness of behavior change strategies in improving population health and Triple Aim outcomes. We focus on both intervention and health system research.

Key themes of this research include:

  • whether integrating behavioral and medical care improves reach and access for patients
  • whether behavioral care improves population-based health outcomes as well as bends the cost curve
  • evidence-based approaches to behavior change and improved health outcomes, such as motivational interviewing and mindfulness
  • identifying strategies that improve physical activity adherence
  • the effectiveness of behavioral strategies to improve sleep and self-reported mental health status


Jack Chisum
Jack Chisum
Clinical Associate Professor, Nutrition and Health Promotion

Colleen Cordes
Colleen Cordes
Director and Clinical Professor, Integrated Behavioral Health

Jennifer Huberty
Jennifer Huberty
Associate Professor, Nutrition and Health Promotion

Rodger Kessler
Rodger Kessler
Research Professor, Integrated Behavioral Health

CR Macchi
CR Macchi
Clinical Associate Professor, Integrated Behavioral Health

Shannon Ringenbach
Shannon Ringenbach
Associate Professor, Nutrition and Health Promotion