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Steven P. Hooker

Associate Dean for Research and Professor, School of Nutrition and Health Promotion


 (602) 496-1727


  • PhD - Arizona State University, AZ
    Exercise Science, 1988
  • MA - California State University, CA
    Physical Education, 1984
  • MA - California State University, CA
    Physical Education, 1978

Media Coverage

A Little Physical Activity Can Offset Cognitive Decline in Older Adults  
American College of Sports Medicine Bulletin, April 25, 2017

Research Interests

  • Physical activity interventions for midlife and older adults, particularly racial/ethnic minority men
  • The associations between physical activity and health outcomes (e.g., stroke, cognitive function, CVD)
  • Community-based participatory research

Research Publications

W. Zhu, V.G. Wadley, V.J. Howard, B. Hutto, S.N. Blair, S.P. Hooker. Objectively Measured Physical Activity and Cognitive Function in Black and White Older Adults: REGARDS Study. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 49:47-53, 2017.

K.M. Diaz, J.N. Booth III, S.R. Seals, S.P. Hooker, M. Sims, P.M. Dubbert, P. Muntner, D. Shimbo. Sedentary Behavior and Subclinical Atherosclerosis in African Americans: Cross-sectional Analysis of the Jackson Heart Study. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity. 13:1, 2016.

M.N. McDonnell, S.L. Hillier, S.E. Judd, Y. Yuan, S.P. Hooker, V.J. Howard. Association between television viewing time and risk of incident stroke in a general population: results from the REGARDS study. Preventive Medicine 87:1-5, 2016.

M.R. Umstattd Meyer, C.K. Perry, J. Sumrall, M. Patterson, S.M. Walsh S.L. Clendennen, S.P. Hooker, K.R. Evenson, K.V. Goins, K. Heinrich, N. O’Hara Tompkins, A.A. Eyler, S. Jones, R. Tabak, C. Valko. Physical activity-related policy and environmental strategies to prevent obesity in rural communities: A systematic review of the literature, 2002-2013. Preventing Chronic Disease 13:3, 2016.

D.O. Garcia, L.A. Valdez, S.P. Hooker. Hispanic Male’s Perspectives of Health Behaviors Related to Weight Management. American Journal of Men's Health DOI: 10.1177/1557988315619470 (published ahead of print).

D.K. Ehlers, J. Huberty, M. Buman, S.P. Hooker, M. Todd, G-J. de Vreede. A novel inexpensive use of smartphone technology for ecological momentary assessment in middle-aged women. Journal of Physical Activity and Health 13:262-268, 2016.

K.M. Diaz, V.J. Howard, B. Hutto, N. Colabianchi, J.E. Vena, S.N. Blair, S.P. Hooker. Patterns of sedentary behavior in US middle-aged and older adults: the REGARDS study. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 48:430-438, 2016.

S.P. Hooker, B. Hutto, W. Zhu, S.N. Blair, N. Colabianchi, J.E. Vena, D. Rhodes, V.J. Howard. Accelerometer Measured Sedentary Behavior and Physical Activity in White and Black Adults: The REGARDS Study. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sports 19:336-341, 2016

A.E. Vandenberg, R.H. Hunter, L.A. Anderson, L.L. Bryant, S.P. Hooker, W. Satariano. Walking and walkability: is wayfinding a missing link? Implications for public health practice. Journal of Physical Activity and Health 13:189-197, 2016.

W. Zhu, V.J. Howard, V.G. Wadley, B. Hutto, S.N. Blair, J.E. Vena, N. Colabianchi, D. Rhodes, S.P. Hooker. Association of objectively measured physical activity with cognitive function in older adults – the REGARDS study. Journal of American Geriatrics Society 63:2447-2454, 2015.

V.J. Howard J.D. Rhodes, A. Mosher, B. Hutto, M.S. Stewart, N. Colabianchi, J.E. Vena, S.N. Blair, S.P. Hooker.  Obtaining accelerometer data in a national cohort of black and white adults.  Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 47:1531-1537, 2015.

Research Activity

S.P. Hooker, C. Der Ananian, S. Vega-Lopez, F. Marsiglia, D. Garcia. Creating a Tailored Lifestyle Intervention for Midlife Mexican American Men. National Institute on Aging/National Institutes of Health: $424,875. August 2016 – July 2018. Principal Investigator.

L. Rosas, J. Ma, E. Venditti, M. Lewis, K. Azar, S.PHooker. The HOMBRE trial: Comparing two innovative approaches to reduce chronic disease risk among Latino men. Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI): $2,100,000. September 2016 - August 2019. Co-Investigator.

Adams, M, S.P. Hooker, M. Todd, S. Angadi, K. Hollingshead, M. Hovell, L. Frank. The Walking Interventions Through Texting (WalkIT) Trial: a Factorial Randomized Controlled Trial of Adaptive Interventions for Inactive Adults Living in High and Low Walkable Neighborhoods. National Cancer Institute/National Institutes of Health: $3,300,000. July 2015 – June 2020. Co-investigator.

M. Whitt-Glover, S.P. Hooker, Z. Gizlice. Active and Health Brotherhood: a program for chronic disease self-management for Black men. Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI): $2,100,000. December 2014 – November 2017. Co-Investigator.

S.P. Hooker, K. Lindor, L. Vaughan.  Transdisciplinary Solutions to Complex Challenges of Changing Dietary and Exercise Behaviors. Arizona State University Office of the President Piper Health Solutions Initiative: $1,000,000. April 2012 – June 2018. Co-Principal Investigator.

C. Der Ananian, S.P. Hooker. Increasing Physical Activity Participation among Adults with Arthritis-The WellPath Way. 2015 Osteoarthritis Action Alliance Implementation Strategies to Increase Physical Activity among Adults with Osteoarthritis Small Grants Program: $25,000. August 2016 – July 2017. Co-investigator