Department of Speech and Hearing Science

Post AuD to PhD Program

Students wishing to engage in research and earn a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Hearing Science in addition to an AuD degree are eligible to apply for the Post-AuD to PhD program at ASU. This program consists of two options to accommodate current and past AuD students. First, applicants who already hold an Au.D. degree from ASU or another university may apply for the 3-year PhD program. Applicants who are currently enrolled in the AuD program at ASU may apply for the 2-year PhD program to begin upon completion of the AuD program. Both options involve a revised program-of study that addresses the unique needs of students who already hold a doctoral degree. Specifically, the program focuses heavily on research and coursework in statistics as well as coursework in the student’s area of interest. The Post-Aud to PhD program is designed to prepare hearing scientists for clinical and basic research in a university or clinical setting. A full description of the two- and three-year programs is provided in the PhD handbook. Further information can be obtained by contacting the Chair of the PhD Admissions Committee.