Department of Biomedical Informatics

Clinical Informatics

At ASU we have built a strong team to focus on many informatics challenges related to the effective delivery of health care. Much of our work is focused on where health care is going, and new approaches to improving health and health care through informatics.

Clinical informatics is the sub-field focused on the individual (the patient, the provider delivering care) and encompasses both what is sometimes referred to as consumer informatics, health care informatics (including the work of providers - doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and others), and clinical research (clinical trials, improved methods of decision making, etc.).

We partner with health care delivery organizations, public health and consortium entities, vendors, and other stakeholders to look at infrastructures and knowledge-based frameworks that can facilitate changes.

Some examples of current activities of our faculty include:

  1. Approaches to support cognition, workflows, and user experience in health IT
  2. Computer-based decision support
  3. Knowledge modeling, representation and management
  4. Natural Language Processing (NLP) and data mining
  5. App development frameworks to support context-based guidance and care processes
  6. Mobile health self-management
  7. Behavioral health management
  8. Informed consent processing

Clinical Informatics Faculty