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Summer Program for Elementary Literacy and Language: Second Grade (SPELL-2)


The Summer Program for Elementary Literacy and Language: Second Grade (SPELL-2) is a research based intervention program designed to boost literacy skills through a focus on linguistic processes.  

This camp is designed for children who have completed second grade and are having specific difficulty with oral language and/or reading development.  We will consider children who are entering 2nd or 4th grades if we do not reach our capacity with those completing second grade. This camp is not appropriate for children who have significant difficulty with attention or social skills. If your child has an IEP or 504 plan, please submit a copy with this registration.  

We will schedule pre-camp assessments during the weeks of May 21st - May 25th. Assessments will be conducted to ensure that your child is a good fit for the goals of the program and to assess his or her current level of language and reading so that personalized goals can be set. The program is run by a certified speech-language pathologist and 5-6 graduate students in communication disorders.  Camp will be limited to a maximum of 15 children


Monday through Thursday (15 days)
Start date: Tuesday, May 29, 2018
End date: Thursday, June 21, 2018

Time: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm 


Arizona State University Tempe Campus
Coor Hall Building – Floor 2
Speech and Hearing Clinic
975 S. Myrtle Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85281

The SPELL-2 program includes:

Classroom time

Children will have the opportunity to participate in teaching activities to increase reading and literacy skills including decoding, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, spelling and writing.  Small group rotations within the classroom will be utilized to assist children at different levels on particular goals including oral language skills and improved social interaction.

Individual or small group therapy 

Children with participate in sessions that focus on specific communication goals including improved speech production,  grammatical formulation and narrative re-tell.  

How children qualify

  • Enroll in the program by completing the required paperwork
  • Be developing typically or have a diagnosed language or reading impairment.
  • Speak English
  • Complete assessment testing in April or May prior to the beginning of the camp


Tuition is $500


Scholarship applications are available upon request from 


For more information or to register for our Summer Program for Elementary Literacy and Language: Second Grade (SPELL-2call the Department of Speech and Hearing Science clinic at (480) 965-2373 or email us at