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Aligning Stakeholder Incentives in Orthopaedics

Research Topic: 
Systems Engineering
Wilson, Natalia
Wilson NA, Ranawat A, Nunley R, Bozic KJ. Executive Summary: Aligning Stakeholder Incentives in Orthopaedics. Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research. 2009; 467(10): 2521-2524.

Productive discussion and analysis of how to align stakeholder incentives in orthopaedics requires identifying the key stakeholders, understanding their perspectives, delineating the issues necessitating alignment, and being willing to delve into contentious areas. The participants of the 2008 ABJS Carl T. Brighton Workshop in Tampa, Florida did just this and pushed themselves to never lose sight of Dr. Carl T. Brighton’s questions: “Where are we now?”; “Where do we need to go?”; and “How do we get there?” We summarize the discussion, thoughts, and work presented by the workshop participants surrounding the very important topic of aligning stakeholder incentives in orthopaedics and key areas in need of focus. These key areas include insurance reform, specialty hospitals, physician-hospital alignment, physician-industry relationships, regulatory changes, movement beyond physician-centric issues, and the overall need to create value for the healthcare system. We have addressed the pertinent questions surrounding stakeholder alignment in orthopaedics and laid out the groundwork needed to answer Dr. Brighton’s last question, “How do we get there?” Concluding remarks address the necessity of leadership by orthopaedic surgeons to drive change in these key areas.

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