School for the Science of Health Care Delivery


Just as our educational programs prepare students for careers in the health care system of tomorrow, our research focuses on developing a broad view and deeper understanding of current and future challenges within the health system. We seek community partnerships to foster system transformation, through understanding complex systems, learning and innovation.

"Research and development in the school focuses on using interdisciplinary, cutting-edge, knowledge-based strategies to promote health care transformation at the organizational and system level," said Brad Doebbeling, M.D., M.Sc, Professor of Science of Health Care Delivery and Biomedical Informatics. "We want to engage investigators and students, coming from a variety of backgrounds, to work together with stakeholders, such as health systems, government agencies, communities and companies, to apply their knowledge and skills to revolutionize the future of health."

Our research is divided into three categories:

The six scientific disciplines that construct the framework of the School's educational programs, are also represented in the research programs and projects being completed by both faculty and student researchers: