School for the Science of Health Care Delivery

About the School

The School for the Science of Health Care Delivery focuses education and research on six specific domains of the health care industry with the overarching goal to provide high value health care. The six domains include:

  • Leadership
  • Population Health
  • Informatics
  • Systems Engineering
  • Health Care Management
  • Health Economics and Policy

Each domain is woven into the curriculum of all programs offered in the School and provides students with the unique and valuable skill sets necessary to become catalysts of change within the health care industry. Programs ranging from entry-level to the executive education level are specifically designed to meet the needs of students who are pursuing careers in health care administration, management, system and design, quality improvement, or who are pursuing further education in clinical medicine or other allied health services. The programs offered within the School include:


We create, teach and disseminate knowledge to positively and measurably impact the delivery of patient care experiences, population health, and reduction of cost.


To be the global leader in education and research in the Science of Health Care Delivery.