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Dr. Kessler and Dr. Macchi sign publishing contract

Dr. Rodger Kessler and Dr. C.R. Macchi have received a contract with Springer Publishing as the editors of a training manual for integrated care trainers: TRAINING IN INTEGRATED CARE: SKILLS FOR THE NEW HEALTHCARE. Chapter contributors to the manual will consist of the DBH Program faculty.

The emerging healthcare marketplace is in need of skilled BHPs and healthcare managers who facilitate systems changes that enable all medical team collaborators to perform at the top of their training and credentials. While there are multiple resources that provide models and guidelines for integrated care delivery, this book is intended to address the topics and processes needed to develop and evaluate integrated workforce skills and corresponding training strategies.

This book illustrates the multiple dimensions of integrated care training. Section three focuses on the structure and content of an existing doctoral level integrated behavioral health degree program. The chapters in this section reflect the core of the book that addresses training components involving didactics, available through asynchronous, online delivery, and practice experience supported through synchronous, videoconferencing consultation. The components increase student accessibility to learning and application in diverse contexts.

The book is scheduled to be published by early 2017.