Kevin Hollingshead

Research Software Engineer
University Staff
DTPHX Campus


I am a long-term software professional with extensive experience in all aspects of software development.  I began my career programming flight computers to control commercial aircraft along a predetermined flight plan, and this software is still in service to this day. 

During the bulk of my career I managed a small consulting firm serving major clients including several Fortune 500 companies, among them United Health Group, Chevron, BP Amoco, and Fifth Third Bancorp.  Our specialty was high volume transaction processing and point of sale systems.  Our flagship products processed well over 3 million transactions per day.  In addition to the large scale products we also provided embedded system programs for point of sale terminals and other devices.  As a hands-on manager I led, and participated in, all phases of product development including requirements gathering, analysis, design, coding, QA testing, implementation and support.

Following the sale of the consulting firm I’ve set my course toward specialized mobile app development, with emphasis on remote communications over Bluetooth (and Bluetooth LE) and remote device control, and am currently affiliated with Arizona State University as a Research Software Engineer.

Research Interests

The role of mobile apps in scientific research.

Research Activity