Healthy Lifestyles Research Center

Current Studies

Study TitlePrincipal Investigator
Sugars Biomarkers StudyNatasha Tasevska
Neighborhood Walkability and Moderation of Adaptive Walking InterventionsMarc Adams
A Comparison of Two Ultrasound Techniques for Measuring Muscle Thickness, Muscle Fiber Angle, and Their Association with Muscle Function Among Young and Older Adults.Jared Dickinson
Stand and Move at Work: A Group-Randomized TrialMatthew Buman
Establishing New Definition of Sarcopenia using Muscle Quality IndexChong Lee
Assisted Cycling Therapy for Older Adults with Down SyndromeShannon Ringenbach
Vinegar and Visceral FatCarol Johnston
Upper Limb Movement Assessment in Healthy Young AdultsNatalia Dounskaia
Influence of Napping in Adults at Risk for Alzheimer's DiseaseShawn Youngstedt
Influence of Exercise, Weight Loss, and Exercise Plus Weight Loss on Sleep ApneaShawn Youngstedt
DevilwasteCorrie Whisner
The Effects of Sleep Patterns on Bone Mineral Density in College-aged Males and FemalesCorrie Whisner
Heal, Exercise & Recover (HER): Initial Pilot Study to Examine the Feasibility of a Novel Intervention for Women with Substance Use DisordersNatasha Mendoza
Cardiovascular, Pulmonary and Musculoskeletal Muscle Changes in a Trans-athlete Before, During and After Male to Female TransitionSid Angadi/ Jared Dickinson
Glycan Rich Whole Grains and Post Prandial Glycemia- a Dose Response StudyCorrie Whisner