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Exercise and Physical Activity Research

Low levels of exercise, cardiorespiratory fitness and physical activity are predictive of poor health outcomes (e.g., higher risks of cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity) and a large portion of the population do not meet recommended physical activity levels. In Arizona, only half of the population meet guidelines for physical activity (i.e., two hours and 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity per week).

At the Healthy Lifestyles Research Center, we are invested in research to improve health outcomes using exercise training and physical activity interventions to improve health outcomes.

Areas of Expertise

Our faculty have expertise in a broad range of related areas, including:

  • Non-invasive cardiovascular imaging and assessment
  • Vo2peak and functional assessment in healthy and diseased populations
  • Muscle fiber typing
  • Physical activity assessment
  • Fall prevention in older adults
  • Cognitive deficits in neurological populations
  • How technology can be harnessed to promote physical activity
  • The role of exercise and diet related to weight and obesity
  • Active transportation, sedentary behavior, and sit-stand workstations
  • The use of complementary approaches to improve health
  • Tthe effects of exercise on insomnia