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Jason Olig and Olivia Baker

Olivia Baker and Jason Olig

The start of the new year is a great time to reflect on past accomplishments and to make plans for an even brighter future. At the College of Health Solutions, we are so very grateful for our scholarship donors who make a difference in our students’ lives each and every day. Students like Jason Olig and Olivia Baker, who despite having to juggle work, life and their studies, are determined to go after their dreams and pursue a master’s degree in nutrition. Jason and Olivia were recent recipients of the Susan N. Coleman Scholarship in Nutrition, and in response to being selected for this scholarship they say:

As everyone knows, college is a stressful and busy time. As a graduate student, focusing on classes, working and accomplishing research projects is a lot to juggle. On top of this is the stress of paying tuition and living costs. Thanks to your donation, I am thankful to have more peace of mind for my financial future. I’ll be able to further my education and focus my efforts on improving understanding of health and wellness for myself and others. Thank you so much for your donation! Your generous contribution helps students accomplish their dreams and prepare themselves to make the world a better place! Warmest regards, Jason Olig.

Thank you so much for your generous donation for the scholarship. I am beyond thankful to have been chosen as the recipient. I currently work multiple jobs to pay for my tuition. I am so grateful that I can focus more on school next year. Your generosity is truly a blessing! Sincerely, Olivia Baker. 

Your gift helps students like Olivia and Jason focus on their future by creating a financial support system.

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