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On the path to improve the health of underprivileged populations

The College of Health Solutions (CHS) is seeking $22 million through Campaign ASU 2020 to help advance CHS as a 21st century leader in health education and research. To date, we are gaining much-needed momentum to ensure that we are able to create new programs, educate more students, and produce use-inspired research. One of the priorities of the campaign is to ensure student access and excellence, and a great example of that is Cheyanna Shepherd. Cheyanna is a recent recipient of the Kathy Gibbons Jackson Memorial Scholarship and is a student who understands from her own experiences how difficult access can be, and how access can truly drive excellence. To her scholarship donor, Cheyanna says:

Cheyanna Shepherd

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your kind contribution towards my education. My name is Cheyanna Hewey Shepherd. I am 21 years old and pursuing my bachelor’s of science in exercise and wellness from Arizona State University as a junior. I come from the Navajo Reservation in upper-state Arizona from a small rural community called Chilchinbeto, Arizona. I recently graduated with my associate degree in science in health occupation from Dine’ College in Tsaile, Arizona. I attended Arizona State University my freshman year of college but lacked the funds to continue at the university. Since then, I have successfully thrived with my education and learned how to communicate more effectively to provide myself with resources.

I developed a strong interest in the health field while employed as a summer youth worker with the Navajo Nation Special Diabetes program. The insights I gained from seeing the overwhelming health conditions and problems within my home community were eye-opening. After giving it much thought, I chose recreational therapy. Little did I know my area of interest would ultimately result in my decision to pursue a medical education and career. My educational goal started at Dine’ College by completing my associate degree. I have now returned to Arizona State University to pursue my bachelor’s degree. My long-term educational goal is to gain acceptance into medical school. In addition, my career goals are set on becoming a physician to better the lives of underprivileged populations. This scholarship will help me achieve these goals by providing financial assistance.

With great donors such as you, students like me are able to overcome the financial burden of paying for our schooling. This helps me tremendously so that I as a student may be focused, successful, and thrive in my educational endeavors. I am very honored and delighted to have received this scholarship as it motivates and inspires me to do my very best when it comes to my academics. Without your contribution to higher education, students would not be able to climb the ladder of success due to financial burdens. As a recipient, I am honored and privileged to have received this distinguishing scholarship. Not only is this scholarship a great financial support system, it is a firm believer and supporter in students who are pursuing higher education. With my best wishes and thoughts, thank you.

You can be part of our team as we work to change the status quo and increase access for students to achieve their educational dreams, just like Cheyanna.

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