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Population Health Faculty and Research

The College of Health Solutions aims to discover approaches to maintaining and improving the health of entire populations and reducing inequalities in health between groups of people.  We use a multidisciplinary approach blending the disciplines of public health/health promotion, biomedical informatics, health economics, nutrition, exercise science, and health care delivery to achieve new discoveries. We also employ a multi-level strategy with studies focused on individuals, social networks, communities, institutions, policies, systems, and environments to better understand the determinants of health.

A few examples of our work include:

  • Development of gender-specific and culturally-tailored healthy lifestyle interventions for racial/ethnic minority men
  • Examination of the strength and shape of relationships between environmental characteristics and physical activity, dietary patterns, and obesity
  • Applying patient-centered and systems engineering approaches to improve access to care for those in greatest need (poor, uninsured or underinsured)
  • Exploring behavioral economics and incentive structures to transform health care delivery and disease management
  • Nutritional strategies to enhance cardiometabolic health and the prevention and management of chronic disease


Lesley Manson
Clinical Assoc Professor (FSC)

Manson's specialty is within the area of building fiscally sustainable integrated health care with identifiable return on investment and cost savings.

Sarah Martinelli
Clinical Asst Professor
Mac McCullough
Assoc Professor

McCullough's research involves quantifying investments in public health and social services and assessing how these investments are put to use in order to improve population health.

Punam Ohri-Vachaspati

Ohri-Vachaspati is a professor of nutrition and leads the ASU Food Environment and Policy research group. In 2017, she completed the RWJF Health Policy Fellowship working in Senator Gillibrand’s office in Washington DC.

Swapna Reddy
Clinical Asst Professor (FSC)

Reddy’s primary research interests are how law and policy can be utilized as tools to improve population health outcomes, reduce health disparities and inequities.

William Riley

Riley is a leading authority in health care finance. He is also a national and international expert in quality improvement methods, techniques, and implementation.

George Runger
Director (FSC) & Professor

George Runger researches analytical methods for knowledge generation and data-driven improvements in organizations, including machine learning for large, complex data, and real-time analysis.

Lauren Savaglio
Lecturer Sr

Savaglio Battles teaches public health, health education, and health sciences classes in the College of Health Solutions.

Ann Sebren
Principal Lecturer MY

Sebren's teaching and scholarly interests are focused on the efficacy of mindfulness for reduced stress, improved health and health behavior change.