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Integrated Behavioral Health Faculty and Research

The dedicated faculty of the College of Health Solutions further the field of integrated behavioral health with advanced research designed to improve health outcomes. Key research topics include how behavioral and medical care improves reach and access for patients, how behavioral care improves population-based health outcomes, how it impacts costs, evidence-based approaches to behavior change and improved health outcomes, and the effectiveness of behavioral strategies for sleep and mental health.


Christine Borst
Adjunct Faculty

Prior to ASU, Borst spent several years as a behavioral health clinician, most notably working in a rural community health center to design and lead the implementation of an integrated model.

Colleen Cordes
Asst Dean + Clinical Professor

Clemency Cordes' research interests focus on primary care behavioral health and workforce development for integrated primary care.

Sue Dahl Popolizio
Clinical Assoc Professor (FSC)

Dahl-Popolizio has more than 20 years of experience as an occupational therapist (OT). Her research foci: OT in population health management, and on the integrated interprofessional primary care team.

Jennifer Huberty
Assoc Professor

Huberty's research interests include using digital interventions to improve mental and physical health in women and blood cancer patients.

Rodger Kessler
Research Professor (FSC)
CR Macchi
Clinical Assoc Professor (FSC)

Macchi is a clinical associate Professor, academic program lead for the Integrated Behavioral Health and Science of Healthcare Delivery programs, and associate chair of internship programs.

Lesley Manson
Clinical Assoc Professor (FSC)

Manson's specialty is within the area of building fiscally sustainable integrated health care with identifiable return on investment and cost savings.

Matthew Martin
Clinical Asst Professor (FSC)

Martin teaches courses in quality improvement in health care and conducts research on primary care delivery systems.

Ronald O'Donnell
Clinical Professor (FSC)

O’Donnell is working on the development of international education programs and new integrated health care degree for the College of Health Solutions.

Ann Sebren
Principal Lecturer MY

Sebren's teaching and scholarly interests are focused on the efficacy of mindfulness for reduced stress, improved health and health behavior change.