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Biomedical Informatics and Biomedical Diagnostics Faculty and Research

Biomedical informatics and biomedical diagnostics are growing interdisciplinary fields with continuing opportunities for a variety of advances. The College of Health Solutions supports strong partnerships among academic researchers, clinical practitioners and regional health care providers to advance these fields. Research topics include clinical decisions support systems, knowledge modeling, integration of disparate data sources, viral genetics, technology assessment and the use of smart wearable devices for wellness monitoring and management.

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Davide Sottara
Clinical Asst Professor (FSC)

Dr. Sottara got his degrees in Computer Science Engineering from the University of Bologna, Italy. He currently collaborates with Mayo Clinic on the development of Cognitive Support Applications for clinicians and patients.

Dongwen Wang

Dongwen Wang's research focuses on modeling and representation of biomedical knowledge in computer-interpretable format and delivery of technology-mediated behavioral interventions in health care processes and patient outcome

Jeffrey Wolz
Clinical Assoc Professor (FSC)
Carl Yamashiro
Assoc Research Professor (FSC)

Carl Yamashiro is a faculty associate in the International School of Biomedical Diagnostics. His research interests are in technology assessment and development in the healthcare field with a core strength in diagnostics.

Wonsuk Yoo
Assoc Research Professor