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Biomedical Informatics and Biomedical Diagnostics Faculty and Research

Biomedical informatics and biomedical diagnostics are growing interdisciplinary fields with continuing opportunities for a variety of advances. The College of Health Solutions supports strong partnerships among academic researchers, clinical practitioners and regional health care providers to advance these fields. Research topics include clinical decisions support systems, knowledge modeling, integration of disparate data sources, viral genetics, technology assessment and the use of smart wearable devices for wellness monitoring and management.

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Jianming Liang
Assoc Professor

Dr. Liang is an associate professor and a member of graduate faculties of biomedical informatics, computer science, computer engineering, and biomedical engineering. In addition to 80+ publications, he holds 26 patents.

Li Liu
Asst Professor

Dr. Liu investigates clinical and molecular signatures of human diseases, and develops novel computational methods to discover biomarkers for early diagnosis and accurate prediction of therapeutic responses for individuals.

Hansa Magee
Instructional Professional
Anita Murcko
Clinical Assoc Professor (FSC)

Dr. Anita Murcko has nearly 30 years of healthcare experience. She also leads Cambiare, LLC, the e-health consulting company she founded in 2009.

Vimla Patel
Research Professor (FSC)

Vimla Patel's expertise is in complexity of the distributed cognitive system that underlies critical care decisions and on the impact of technology on human cognition and performance.

George Runger
Director (FSC) & Professor

George Runger researches analytical methods for knowledge generation and data-driven improvements in organizations, including machine learning for large, complex data, and real-time analysis.

MariaRita Schatzki
Clinical Assoc Professor (FSC)
Matthew Scotch
Assoc Professor

Matthew Scotch's research focuses on the theory and application of phylogeography to study the migration of zoonotic RNA viruses with a particular interest in influenza A viruses.

Dongwen Wang

Dongwen Wang's research focuses on modeling and representation of biomedical knowledge in computer-interpretable format and delivery of technology-mediated behavioral interventions in health care processes and patient outcome

Jeffrey Wolz
Clinical Assoc Professor (FSC)