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Tough Conversations about Health: Our Bipolar Mental Health System

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Join us for a tough conversation about the mental health system in the U.S., specifically about how it treats adolescents. One in five adolescents ages 13-18 have or will be diagnosed with a serious mental illness. More dialog is needed to begin addressing mental health issues in this population.

This panel discussion and audience Q&A will explore the following questions:

• Why is this so difficult to talk about? For parents? Adolescents? Educators? Communities?
• What are the primary causes for the uptake in these presentations for adolescents?
• Who is at highest risk?
• What roles should schools play in managing this crisis?
• How does social media play a role and what can be done?
• How do you break through the cultural barriers and the stigma associated with mental health problems?
• What are the specific challenges for those from low-income backgrounds?
• What changes do we need in the health care delivery system?
• Which interventions are the most effective in addressing these issues?

Our panel of experts will be moderated by Pauline Davies, professor of practice for Arizona State University’s Hugh Downs School of Human Communication and Carrie Jung, senior field correspondent, KJZZ Radio:

Mark W. Imig: MD; child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist; assistant professor at Mayo Clinic School of Medicine


Suniya Luthar: professor of psychology, Arizona State University; Professor Emeritus, Columbia University's Teachers College


Celice Korsten: Psy.D; clinical and forensic psychologist

College of Health Solutions
CHS Communications
Mar 14 2018 - 4:30pm
Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, First Amendment Forum
Downtown Phoenix campus