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Convocation is the ceremony at which students are individually recognized by their college or school for their academic achievement. This is the event where your name and achievements are called out on a loudspeaker as you walk across the stage, shake the hand of the dean or director, and receive a diploma cover (actual diplomas are mailed to you later via post). There are no fees to attend Convocation, other than what you pay for your cap and gown, and possibly, parking. Convocation is an optional event but if you are an undergraduate, this the only time your name will be called. 

Commencement is a university celebration with all ASU graduates (not just those from your particular school or college). At this large ceremony, no individual names are called other than perhaps a student speaker. Groups of graduates are asked to stand up together. Expect a very large attendance. There are no fees to attend commencement, other than what you pay for your cap and gown, and maybe parking. This event is optional. More information about commencement.

Graduation is when you complete all your coursework/finish your program of study. To be sure your graduation from ASU is official, you must contact the University Graduation office, as well as speak to your academic advisor. To complete the graduation process, a fee is charged – it is paid online and all forms are submitted online as well, but not until all your coursework is complete. More about graduation.

Students who walk a semester in advance will NOT have their name appear in the commencement program the day that they walk. Their name will appear in the program at the time they have met graduation requirements. Without approval, students will not be permitted to walk a semester in advance. 

Walking a semester prior to graduation

Students may elect to walk the semester prior to their graduation if they only have one or two classes remaining to complete graduation requirements for their degree. Students must fill out the following online application. Additionally, those students should plan to "apply" to graduate in spring/summer 2020.

Walking a semester prior to graduation due to extreme hardship or circumstance

Students may appeal to walk the semester prior to their graduation if they have an extreme hardship or an unusual circumstance that warrants walking early.  To appeal, the students must fill out the following online application.

Doctoral Students

All students receiving a doctorate may not walk prior to their dissertation's defense and being approved the Graduate College. Additionally, the Graduate College sets all dates related to dissertation defenses. The Collge of Health Solutions adheres to all dates established by the Graduate College. Please visit their website for more information. 

Walking a semester after graduation

Students may request to walk after their graduation by emailing at the start of the semester that they wish to walk. The student will still receive communication for the semester that they are eligible to graduate and the College of Health Solutions cannot stop the communication as it is populated automatically based on the student's eligibility. 


Contact the College of Health Solutions Dean's Office at with any additional questions. 


See the Information for Students page for details.

An RSVP indicating if you will or will not attend the ceremony allows us to prepare enough space for you and your guests for all ceremonies. If you are unsure if you will attend the ceremonies, it is always better to RSVP “yes” now and to cancel your reservation later.

Visit our Parking & Transportation page for details.

Please be sure to indicate on your RSVP that you and/or your guests need special accommodations.

Wells Fargo Arena is 100 percent compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act for guests with limited mobility. Seating for those in wheelchairs or who have limited mobility is reserved on the upper concourse. Students in wheelchairs will be assisted up and down the ramps of the platform. Information for disabled parking can be found on the ASU Parking and Transportation Services website.

An official ASU cap and gown must be worn during Commencement and Convocation ceremonies.

How to Wear

Tassels are worn on the right at Convocation since degrees are conferred at Commencement. Masters and PhD graduates should wear ceremonial hoods to Convocation.

Learn how to dress for graduation

How to Order

For ordering and pricing information, visit the Herff Jones website. To avoid out-of-stock situations, order as soon as possible. Graduation regalia will be available at a discount at the Graduation Fairs at the Downtown Campus (dates and times to be provided ASAP).

Honors Cords

If you have Honors cords, please feel free to wear these as well. Honor cords can be picked up at the Registrar at any of the ASU campuses. The Downtown Phoenix campus Registrar is located in University Center (UCENT) 130 (link to map).


Your family and friends can relax and enjoy the ceremony - professional photographs will be taken of all graduates as they cross the stage. Graduates will receive a proof and price information directly from the vendor, Grad Images, shortly after the ceremony. There is no obligation to make a purchase. Grad Images will contact you via email, so it is important that your email address is correct on the reader card you receive at the student line-up. Please review it carefully and make any necessary corrections before you cross the stage so that the photographer can reach you.

For more information, call Grad Images at 1-800-261-2576 or email


As part of a pilot program launched in December 2012, the Office of University Ceremonies has transitioned to providing student graduates with a digital Commencement program. (The Commencement program is also distributed at Convocation.) Individual names will no longer be listed in printed programs.

All degree candidates will receive an external flash drive with the digital program at the College Convocation event. More information about digital commencement programs can be found on the ASU University Ceremonies Website. 

If you missed the graduation filing deadline, there is a possibility that your name will not be in the digital program. The Office of the Registrar submits the final list of names for the release of the program; if you have not filed or did not file in time, your name will not be listed. Submitting an RSVP for Convocation is not the same as applying for graduation.

If you are not actually graduating but only “walking,” your name will not appear in the digital program. It will appear in the program for the semester in which you actually complete your coursework and graduate. Summer graduates are listed at the back of the fall program. There are no exceptions.

No. Diplomas are mailed to you approximately 10 weeks after the end of the semester to the permanent address on file with the Registrar’s Office. Please contact the University Registrar’s Office if you have any questions about this process.

Email if you have additional questions about convocation ceremonies.