Christa Caccese

Student Support Specialist
University Staff
DTPHX Campus

Student Information

Graduate Student
Social Technologies
New Interdis Arts & Sciences


Christa Caccese is currently a Student Support Specialist for the College of Health Solutions. Her responsibilities include assisting in the collaboration of a coordinated approach to student engagement and retention initiatives, and managing all online student communications for the college. Christa is also responsible for overseeing the college's Academic Bowl team, as well as serving as the college liaison with University Housing for the residential community on the Tempe campus. 



M.A. Social Technologies

Arizona State University, May 2019

B.S. Nutrition (Communication)

Arizona State University, December 2016


Fall 2018
Course NumberCourse Title
CHS 101The ASU Experience


Fall 2018

CHS 101: The ASU Experience