• A Standard of Excellence

    The Department of Biomedical Informatics is committed to excellence and leadership through its strong partnerships.
  • Beneficial Research

    The Department of Biomedical Informatics is focused on research that solves real life problems in health care.
  • Interdisciplinary Education

    Students learn through collaboration across a broad spectrum of fields for the greatest impact.

Department of Biomedical Informatics

Potential Career Opportunities

Biomedical informatics graduates are in high demand and hold a variety of job positions.

Bioinformatics Analyst

I work in a laboratory where I contribute to genomic sequencing projects and scientific analysis of data by using a variety of bioinformatics techniques and software applications. I support ongoing and future studies by performing essential analysis tasks with data derived from microarray and high-throughput sequencing methodologies, implementing analysis workflows, managing data, presenting results and providing support to investigators with statistical issues and experimental design.

Medical Informatics Analyst

I provide technical and analytical data support and work with the medical informatics team to develop MIS tools and reports for clinical, statistical and financial analysis. I administer databases to track productivity and clinical performance, assist in researching the regulatory requirements, and work collaboratively with the team to develop dashboards and databases to support disease management program development, quality metrics, cost and utilization information.


Electronic Medical Record Information Systems Analyst

I work in a team environment and contribute to the planning, design, building, validation, testing and go live phases of the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) implementation. I support the on-going maintenance, support and sustainability of the EMR. I act as a liaison between end users and clinical staff, information technology teams, vendors and administration to implement EMR solutions, which support innovative clinical practice and the delivery of patient-centered care. I am also responsible for interpreting clinical processes and converting them into system processes for EMR implementation.

Nursing Informatics Specialist

I work at a local hospital where I am responsible for creating and carrying out efficient and effective patient care plans. I utilize my background in nursing and expertise in computers to manage information systems. I oversee the collection and analyzing of data, plan the design of information systems, and train employees how to use new systems. I work to improve treatment and drug administration procedures, record keeping practices, workflow and medical decision-making practices.


Chief Medical Information Officer

I specialize in health informatics where I serve as the bridge between the medical and information technology departments. I am responsible for the effective and efficient flow of information and construction of IT systems to support a high quality of patient care across multiple information systems. I conduct data analytics to improve IT infrastructure, participate in variety of governance boards, design software applications and train software development teams.

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